About Us

Forensic Notes was created due to a need within the law enforcement community to take contemporaneous notes during investigations. However, contemporaneous notes within a paper notebook are difficult to use in large long-term investigations. The numerous issues of paper notebooks include lowered productivity, lost notes and an inability to easily copy notes into electronic reports.

Investigators are unable to utilize other electronic note taking systems as the information can often be altered and therefore does not meet the requirements set forth by the courts for contemporaneous notes. Forensic Notes was created to solve these issues by creating an electronic note taking system that creates read-only contemporaneous notes that can be logically organized by the investigator to assist, not hinder an investigation.

Forensic Notes has evolved from this original idea to be a necessary addition to almost any industry.

Several videos have been created to show why you need Forensic Notes.

What is a "Forensic Note"?

A “Forensic Note” includes the following:

  • Note / Images -- entered by user
  • Attachments -- associated with note
  • Digital Timestamp Certificate

What is a “Forensic Notebook”?

A “Forensic Notebook” includes:

  • All Forensic Notes entered within a Notebook
  • Digital Timestamp Certificate for the Notebook and each individual Forensic Note

Timestamp Authority (TSA)

A TSA provides proof that the information you entered existed at a particular point in time and that the information has not changed since it was timestamped by the TSA.

Forensic Notes uses a trusted and independant TSA that is trusted by global banks and governments. More Information