Account Pricing : Business

Present Digitally Signed and Timestamped Evidence in court...

Starting at just $79 per month *

All Accounts include the following:
  • Azure Active Directory Login(1)
  • Social Login (2)
  • Multi-Factor Authentication(3)
  • Digitally Signed & Timestamped Notes - RFC 3161 (4)
  • Geo-Replication of Database
  • Advanced Image Editing within Note Editor
  • Drag & Drop Images from File Explorer (within Editor)
  • Ability to upgrade to the next tier at any time
  • Email & Chat Support
  • Note & Document Encryption : Unique Encryption Key per Forensic Note - Your notes are always Safe & Secure!

Forensic Notes is employing all best practices in securing their application and the data that exists within it.

- Mike Parsons - Security Evangelist and Mentor

Still concerned about Security?
Read our detailed Security & Data Encryption information page to see exactly how we are protecting your sensitive and private information.

(1) Azure Active Directory (AD) Login - Users can utilize their own Azure Active Directory (AD) Login credentials to access the Forensic Notes application. Email us to find out how.

(2) Social Login - You can signup and login to your account using Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Microsoft Live Social Login Accounts or setup a new Forensic Notes Account using an email of your choice.

(3) Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)- All Forensic Notes accounts are secured with MFA. This is a best practice solution for any website application that stores sensitive information. Visit our Security & Data Encryption page for additional information.

(4) Digitally Signed & Timestamped Notes - Every Forensic Note is Digitally Signed and then Timestamped by an independant & trusted Timestamping Authority (TSA).

(5) Unlimited Forensic Notebooks - Forensic Notebooks contain ALL Forensic Notes entered in a specific Notebook. Forensic Notebooks present your Forensic Notes in a contemporaneous manner suitable for court purposes.

(6) Unique Account Encryption Key - Used to encyrpt the unique encryption key used to encrypt each note. For additional information on how Forensic Notes are encrypted, refer to our Security & Data Encryption page.

(7) Account Audit Logs - Simple to read and understand. Audit Logs can be used for both security and court purposes to see EVERY action taken against your account.