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Transforming Field Investigations

Investigations require detailed and accurate documentation, but sometimes taking notes can be dangerous, especially when you are out in the field and need to be aware of your surroundings/

What if you could bypass these challenges and make note-taking safe and easy?

Enter Forensic Notes’ AI Voice-to-Text feature, designed to help investigators rapidly capture critical information while keeping their eyes on the situation being investigated. 🚀

AI Tools – Overview

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Transform Speech into Polished Notes with AI

Unlock the power of AI with our Voice-to-Text feature, instantly turning your spoken words into clear, concise, and professional notes, no matter your accent or surroundings.

Our cutting-edge technology filters out verbal stumbles and filler words, ensuring your notes are always polished and easily understood—saving you time and effort.

Boost Efficiency in Investigations with AI Voice-to-Text

Embrace AI Voice-to-Text to quickly create detailed notes without typing, even on mobile devices.

Stay aware of your surroundings while improving collaboration, as supervisors and team members can easily understand your notes.

This feature seamlessly bridges language barriers, making teamwork smooth and effortless during investigations.

How to Use

To start, click on the “Add Advanced Notes” option. ( + icon)

The recorder will start automatically.

Speak your thoughts clearly, and watch as the AI transforms your words into professional, easily understandable text. It’s that simple! 🎉

Voice-to-Text In Action!

The Voice-to-Text Converter seamlessly transcribes spoken words into professionally crafted written notes and translates most languages into English, including those with heavy accents.

This ensures a professional and polished note every time.

German Translastion & Transcription to English

I interviewed witness Jason Jackson (DOB 01/18/1989) who observed the assault. Suspect was wearing dark jogging pants, white shoes, and a black shirt with skulls on the front. Suspect struck the victim in the back of the head and fled southbound. Suspect had dark hair. Jackson can be contacted at 778-555-3223 or

Transforming Cluttered Voice Notes into Refined, Concise Notes

Our Voice-to-Text Converter intelligently eliminates filler words and transforms disorganized statements into clear, concise, and professional notes that are easy to read and comprehend.

As the video below demonstrates, you can review and edit the AI-generated note to ensure its accuracy and alignment with your original thoughts. Experience refining your voice notes seamlessly with our innovative AI-powered feature.

Umm… so like I spoke with ahhhh a witness who said, who said he saw the assault take place, but uh, ummmm. His name was Jason Jackson and ah born in 1989 and um..oh January 18th. Anways, he was like the guy assaulting was wearing dark jogging pants and bright white shoes. He ran southbound away after punching the dude in the back of the head. Like super hard. Ummm, he also said he had a shirt with... with skulls on the front, ah black in color. We can contact ummmm…. Jason at 778-555-3223 or email him at Umm, oh yeah, he said he also had dark hair. Yah, that’s it.

Pro Tips

  1. Speak clearly: For the best transcription results, enunciate your words and maintain a steady pace.
  2. Minimize background noise: Choose a quiet environment when possible, but if you’re in a noisy spot, place the mic close to your mouth and speak louder.

Empower Your Investigations with AI Voice-to-Text

Discover the future of note-taking and documentation with Forensic Notes’ AI Voice-to-Text feature! Bid farewell to struggles with mobile typing, language barriers, and heavy accents. This potent tool enables investigators to concentrate on the situation while capturing essential information effortlessly. 💥

What’s more, supervisors and collaborating investigators will appreciate the clear, concise, and professional text produced, ensuring seamless communication and teamwork. 🤝

It’s time to elevate your investigations and harness the transformative power of AI. With Forensic Notes’ AI Voice-to-Text feature, you’ll be a force to be reckoned with, conquering documentation challenges and propelling your investigations to new heights of success. 🌟

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