Quora Post: Email Hack a Good Choice to Documenting Workplace Bullying?

My boss is being investigated for workplace harassment; how should I be documenting incidents in order to protect myself?

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Both George and Susan offered good advice in documenting everything in a journal.

Email Hack - Good Choice for Documenting Workplace Bullying?

The ‘email hack’ for timestamping journal entries can work, but it’s not foolproof and could result in a crafty defense lawyer requesting access to your personal email account to ensure that the email was in fact received on the date you state it was.

The defense lawyer could argue that any printouts could have been modified or altered.

This can lead to unneeded stress and headaches for yourself especially if access is granted by the courts to your personal email account.

An important point to remember, you should never use work email to document any workplace incidents. Technically the organization owns the email and therefore can delete and remove it at any point which would leave you without any evidence.

This is why we offer our note taking application for free to targets and victims of workplace bullying, harassment and discrimination.

This allows you to properly journal the incidents and then provide a PDF Printout that can be easily validated to be genuine and authentic if required.

Each note is Digitally Signed and Timestamped by an Independent Time Stamping Authority (TSA).

In addition to our free application, we also offer articles on workplace harassment and bullying.

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