Civilian Investigator

Private Investigator (PI) & Insurance Claim Investigator

Easy to produce Court ready notes that are digitally signed, timestamped and court verifiable

Investigations are time consuming. Every action you take as an investigator can be called into question if your evidence is presented within civil or criminal court. Forensic Notes allows you to set up an electronic notebook for each investigation. This will allow you to conveniently record every aspect of your investigation from start to finish. Every note entered will be timestamped by a trusted third party Timestamp Authority (TSA), which allows you to irrefutably prove exactly when the note was entered.

Courts require that investigators provide contemporaneous notes which clearly show all aspects of your investigation. The courts do not allow you to erase or remove pages from your paper notebooks, nor will they allow you to pick the forensic notes you wish to present to the courts. This is one of the main reasons why electronic documents cannot typically be used as contemporaneous notes within the courts. Forensic Notes overcomes this limitation with its proprietary Forensic Notebook, which includes all notes, attachments and individual Timestamp Certificates for your investigation.

NOTE: Forensic Notes allows you to redact and mark notes as deleted, just like you would with paper notebooks. In compliance with the law, the information you redact or mark as deleted will be available to the courts if deemed necessary. With Forensic Notes, you will be able to provide two copies of your Forensic Notebook.