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Contemporaneous Notes

Contemporaneous Notes are unavoidable, thus inescapable, when it comes to examining evidence and are akin to the standard of Ethics. Greg Smith Greg Smith Blog LinkedIn Profile Recently I had the amazing opportunity to ask Employment Lawyer and Mediator Stuart Rudner some questions regarding contemporaneous notes. As you will read,
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Digital Forensics Documentation – Contemporaneous Notes Required

Recently there has been a lively debate regarding the type of notes that should be produced during a Digital Forensics Examination. Several top Digital Forensics Guides and Organizations state that Contemporaneous Notes should be written during a digital forensic examination, including: ACPO – Association of Chief Police Officers FSR –
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How to Document Digital Forensic Investigations with Forensic Notes

  Creating Folders Deleting a Folder Creating Nested Folders Notetaking: Intake Officer Creating a Notebook Creating the First Note Adding Attachments Date & Time Exhibit continuity / Chain of custody Note Date & Time vs. Timestamp Date & Time Notetaking: Forensic Examiner Creating Multiple Notebooks Forensic Examination – Exhibit #1
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Importance of Documentation

Experts and Influential Leaders Discuss the Importance of Documentation Find out why notes matter from someone in your field Digital Forensics HR / Business Nursing & Healthcare Workplace Bullying Experts, Industry Leaders and Influencers Agree, Proper Documentation is Essential! Not only for your own credibility but the credibility of the
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ISO 17025 – Right for Digital Forensics?

What is ISO 17025? What is the FSR (Forensic Science Regular)? Who is the Forensic Science Regulator in the UK? Update to ISO 17025:2005 ISO 17025 – Right Fit for Digital Forensics? ISO 17025 UK Survey Forum Discussions Standards Impact of Inconsistent Standards Accreditation IS Useful – but is ISO
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MS Word and OneNote should NEVER be used for Contemporaneous Notes

This Won’t Go to Court! SOP’s Essential During Cross-Examination Current Views on Note-Taking Experts Agree – Documenting DFIR Investigations is Important Lawyers View on Contemporaneous Notes Destroy Notes After an Examination is Complete? Restrictive Warrants I’ll Remember It! Current Solutions Scrap Pieces of Paper Bound Paper Notebook & Pen MS
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