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You are on the CUTTING EDGE of technological investigations, so isn’t it time your note-taking tools were too?



Determine the Truth and Outsmart the Bad Guys

As an experienced investigator dealing with digital data, you understand that failing to find a key artifact can be just as important as finding a key piece of information. And you recognize that your initial understanding of a file may change as you dig deeper into the facts of the case.

Your job is to determine the truth and outsmart the bad guys who can often be technically advanced.

To do this you need to be able to keep detailed notes, that are easily accessible, searchable, and organized. You also need to be able to tag key artifacts that require further analysis later in the investigation.

Forensic Notes provides the solution to these needs; allowing you to quickly and properly analyze and evaluate the information you’ve gathered throughout your investigations.

Digital Investigations - Future is now!


Cyber Crime Security Expert testifying in court

Provide Expert Testimony

The courts can be an unfriendly place especially to ‘experts’ who must articulate and explain every aspect of their investigation. Often the opposing counsel’s plan will be to discredit you as an expert rather than attack the actual evidence of the case.

You don’t want your hard work discredited, and criminals getting away due to a technicality.  Nor do you, as an expert, want to be discredited as this will greatly affect your future in the field.

Forensic Notes follows a strict set of rules, and ensures that every note is Timestamped and Court-Ready. 

This means that you can never be accused of fabricating or changing prior notes to meet the outcome of your final report.

Why carry the burden of testifying to the integrity of your notes, when Forensic Notes can do it for you?

Why carry the burden of testifying to the integrity of your notes, when Forensic Notes can do it for you?

Tweet: Why carry the burden of testifying to the integrity of the notes, when Forensic Notes can do it for you?


How do you keep notes?

Note-Taking Comparison Chart


Forensic Notes is available on multiple devices including desktop, mobile (android, iOS), Mac, etc.

Speed Up Investigations

Forensic Notes allows you to logically organize your notes in any manner that best meets your needs, while still allowing you to disclose your notes in a contemporaneous manner to the courts if required.

  • Our easy to use interface and powerful search tool, aids you in managing your investigations.
  • Our customizable templates allow you to quickly streamline common data entry items to ensure a consistent structure throughout your reports.
  • And our support of multiple devices means you can create your case notes wherever you are.


Easily Prepare Notes and Reports for Court

You can download a Forensic Notebook at any time, significantly reducing the time needed to prepare for court. 

The Forensic Notebook will contain all your notes related to the case, timestamped and Court-Ready.

Example: Digital Forensic Report

Forensic Notes are downloaded as Digitally Signed and Timestamped PDF documents.
(Click to Download)

Full Package:

Forensic Notebooks are downloaded within a Password Protected ZIP Archive which contains:

  • Forensic Notebook (PDF)
  • Digital Timestamp for Notebook
  • All Individual Forensic Notes with associated Timestamps
  • Original High Quality Embedded Images (if images are included in notes)

Full Package - ZIP Archive

Forensic Notebooks are downloaded from within the application in ZIP Password Protected Archives.
(Click to Download)

NOTE: For demonstration purposes, ZIP Archive password removed.


Easily PROVE the Authenticity of Your Notes, Attachments & Images

Every Forensic Note PDF is Timestamped by an independent Timestamping Authority (TSA) and then Digitally Signed. A second Timestamp is then obtained before all the information is entered into our proprietary Validation Tool.

Validating a Forensic Note, attachment or image is fast and easy.

Simply Drag & Drop!

[test validation tool]

Validating Forensic Notebook within Forensic Notes Validation Tool


Apple Mac Computer showing Forensic Notes Security

Private & Secure

When working on sensitive investigations, it’s vital that your information remains private and secure. 

Forensic Notes uses advanced security and encryption techniques offered by Microsoft Azure which has the most comprehensive compliance coverage of any hosting provider in the world.

Custom installations are also available for organizations that require it.

Microsoft is the first company to achieve the Department of Defense (DoD) ‘Level 5’ certification across its cloud platform, infrastructure, and productivity tools.


Microsoft Azure meets and exceeds a large number of compliance requirements - Forensic Notes is hosted on Azure for this reason.


You Need a Better Way to Document

Technology was created to make our lives easier, but investigations involving technology have created new complexities as we attempt to manage the large volumes of data which can quickly overwhelm us.

To solve this issue, you need a better way to document and manage large investigations. You must meet the requirements of the courts by being able to better understand and organize your investigations to ensure your final report contains non-biased and fact-based conclusions that consider all aspects of the investigation.

Forensic Notes is your answer!