Enterprise Account

Typical Pricing

Forensic Notes recognizes that each client is different in regards to their requirements for security and management of their data. Forensic Notes has taken every step to ensure the highest levels of security in the industry as discussed on the security page, but sometimes the type of data being stored does require custom options.

Forensic Notes uses Azure applications which are all hosted within the United States. Each and every one of the services can be removed from the application to allow you to utilize your own corporate services if required. As an example, if you require that all your data is stored within your corporate databases, Forensic Notes can be setup to use your database services instead of our own while still using the power of Azure for all other security and presentation. This idea can be taken to the extreme in setting up everything within your corporate intranet if required.


Typical Forensic Notes Setup

This is the normal configuration that Individual and Business accounts get by default.

Enterprise VPN Setup

All communication with the Forensic Notes application is conducted via Virtual Private Network (VPN) resulting in a secure connection from your internal network to ours.

Enterprise Client Database Setup

Do you require that all your data is stored within your on-site network? Forensic Notes allows this by integrating your SQL database as required.

Enterprise Complete Install

Do you require that the entire Forensic Notes application to be setup and run within your secured network?

Forensic Notes is employing all best practices in securing their application and the data that exists within it.

- Mike Parsons - Security Evangelist and Mentor

Concerned about Security?
Read our detailed Security & Data Encryption information page to see exactly how we are
protecting your sensitive and private information.


All Accounts have the following:
  • Forensic Notes - Digitally signed PDF which is timestamped by a Trusted Timestamp Authority (TSA) - RFC 3161
  • Geo-Replication - Database
  • Advanced Image Editing within Note Editor
  • Drag & Drop Images from File Explorer (within Editor)
  • Ability to upgrade to the next tier at any time