Extract Forensic Notes from ZIP



1. Open the Forensic Note ZIP Archive (.zip) that you downloaded from your account.

2. Open a File Explorer window and navigate to a folder to save your files.

3. Adjust both the File Explorer window and ZIP Archive window on your screen so that you can see both at the same time (you may need to adjust the size of each window).

4. Select all files including the Forensic Note, Timestamp Certificate and attachment(s) within your ZIP Archive (.zip).

5. Drag & Drop the files from the ZIP Archive into the second (2nd) File Explorer window you opened in step 2. Files will automatically be extracted.

NOTE: You will need to enter your ZIP Archive password when extracting the files. Once extracted, your files will NOT BE PASSWORD PROTECTED. Please ensure you've extracted the files to a secure folder that only you can access if your notes must remain private.


Extract Forensic Notes from ZIP Archive | Forensic Notes Software