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“Watch out for people that take so-called “notes,” when the notes NEVER EXISTED until needed”

To avoid possible false allegations, contemporaneous notes should always be timestamped in a trusted note-taking system so that the writer can PROVE when they were written.

This eliminates the allegation of ‘fake’ notes that were created “when needed”.

The US President, Donald J. Trump recently tweeted…

Trump's Tweet on Fake Notes

The key statement within this tweet is his claim that the “notes never existed until needed”.

Can we determine when these “notes” were created?

You may be surprised to learn that using popular word processing applications may leave this question unanswered.

However, it would be very easy, if they were created in an immutable system like Forensic Notes!

President Trump makes a valid and interesting point about contemporaneous notes and those that claim to have written them. Being able to independently verify when they wrote the note is a key component to their credibility.

Taking good notes matters.

PROVING when you took good notes matters even more.

This is why Forensic Notes was created.

Forensic Notes allows you to create notes while ensuring you can always PROVE when you wrote them.

From a technical perspective, every note is Digitally Signed and Timestamped, using the same technology used by major banks and government agencies.

Simply put…

After you write a note, it is made immutable (can’t change) and it includes the date/time of when it was written.

This is similar to the idea of placing the note on the blockchain, which is often in the news.

And like the blockchain, anyone with a copy of your notes could simply drag & drop your notes on our verification page to confirm the notes were the originals and unaltered.

As more information comes out on how these notes were written, we will see if the authors are able to PROVE when they were written. Perhaps they used Forensic Notes?

Interested in protecting your credibility?

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