FAQ's - How Do I?


I made a mistake and now I want to change / edit a Forensic Note?

A Forensic Note cannot be edited once it has been finalized.  This is to protect the integrity of notes and is one of the core principles Forensic Notes is built on. 

If you realized after finalizing a note that something was incorrect or needs to be changed, the best method is to create a new note while referring to the original note. You should also provide an explanation regarding what errors or issues your original note contained. You can then mark your old note as “Deleted”.

This is similar to paper notes within a notebook. Your credibility in court would be questioned if you provided a notebook with torn out pages. Instead, the proper way is to cross-out the note you made in error which still allows the courts to read your existing note to determine if it has value.

Forensic Notes works in the same manner allowing you to ‘cross-out’ an existing note while providing a reason on why it is not valid. This is accomplished by:

  1. Selecting a Forensic Note
  2. Clicking on the “Mark Forensic Note as Deleted” icon

Mark Forensic Note as Deleted

This will result in a dialog box allowing you to enter the reason why you would like to “Delete” this particular Forensic Note.

Delete Forensic Note - Confirmation and Reason

The Forensic Note is now marked as “Deleted” but still visible if required. This note will also be included in any future Forensic Notebooks, but will be clearly marked as “Deleted” along with the reason you provided for the deletion.

Delete Forensic Note - Crossed Out

Why can’t I just use Forensic Notes like a regular editor and make changes if I want? I don’t like the idea of locking my notes!

The good news is that you are not forced to finalize (or “lock”) your notes. You can leave them in an editable state for as long as you want. The editor auto-saves each entry allowing you to edit at any point until you finalize it.

But please remember that you will not be able to PROVE you wrote the notes by a particular date without finalizing them.


One of my notes contains sensitive tactics that can’t be disclosed in court. Is there any way to hide this information?

We are currently developing the ability to ‘redact’ a note or portions of a note within Forensic Notebooks.

Until this feature is released, we suggest that you manually redact the information using Adobe Acrobat.

This will make the Forensic Notebook invalid if authenticated, however you can individually validate each Forensic Note to show that only the information contained in this one note was redacted.=

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact us.

Can I add file attachments and existing electronic files?


Attachments can be added by:

  1. Dragging & Dropping any electronic file from Windows File Explorer onto the File Attachment Upload control.
  2. Clicking “Choose a file…” button

Add file attachments

File Size Limits:

File size limit currently set at 100MB per file. If you require a larger file size limit, please contact us with the request.