FAQ's - Security & Legal



Is Forensic Notes secure?


Forensic Notes is highly secure utilizing the most advanced security and encryption techniques. For details (not marketing hype) regarding our security, please view our Security & Data Encryption page.

Does anyone at Forensic Notes read my private notes or file attachments?


The quick answer is…

No. Security of your private information is our #1 priority!

We will never read your notes or attachments. Period!

The longer technical answer is…

Every note and attachment added to Forensic Notes is encrypted with a unique encryption key (CEK). This encryption key is then encrypted with a global encryption key (KEK) retrieved from Microsoft’s Azure KeyVault. In order to decrypt your note or any attachments, the note and attachment encryption key (CEK) must be decrypted within Microsoft’s Azure KeyVault which tracks and records every decryption request.

We give you our word that we will never read you private notes of attachments. This statement can be backed up if ever required by providing independent audit logs from Microsoft to an authority if required.

For technical details on how we encrypt and decrypt your data, please refer to our Security & Data Encryption page. If you ever have any questions regarding security of your notes and information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to fully explain in detail how your information is protected.

Security of your private information is our #1 priority!

Are my private notes or documents sent and stored with the TSA (Time Stamp Authority)?


Your note or attachments are never sent to any third-party websites.

A digital hash (fingerprint) of your document is created upon saving your information within Forensic Notes. This digital hash is a one-way hash value which can’t be reversed to determine the contents it was based on.

For more information on Hashing and how we obtain a Timestamp, please refer to our Timestamping Authority (TSA) page.