FAQ's - Team Accounts


How do I add additional Team Members to my Account?

You can add additional Team Members to your account by clicking on the "Manage Team" menu item (upper right corner).

NOTE: You MUST be an administrator of the account to add & remove Team Members.

Manage Team Account - Menu Item

The Manage Team page will allow you to add, modify and remove Team Members.

To Add new Team Members, click on "Invite New Team Members" button.

Invite New Team Members

You can invite multiple Team Members at the same time by sending an invite to their email address.

Form to Invite New Team Members

Invite New Team Member - Email Sent

The invited Team Member will receive an email similar to the following...

Email sent to Invited Team Member

Upon clicking the "Join Your Team Now" button, the user will be directed to create a new account.

The user will be able to create a normal account or utilize a Social Media Account to login.

Setup New Account for Invited Team Member

The create account process will require them to enter an email address and name. 

New User Signed up with a Different Email

Upon creating a new account, the user will remain locked out of the application until the Admin has authorized final access.

New User Signed Up - Waiting for Final Approval

The Admin who originally invited the new Team Member will receive the following email requesting final approval.

If a different email address was used to create the account, this discrepancy will be highlighted within the email. 

Final Approval Email Sent to Admin

Upon "Allow Access", the new Team Member will receive a final email advising them that they can now login to the Team Account.

Can other Team Members edit my notes?

No, Team Members will only be able to view your Timestamped Notes.