FAQ's - Workplace Bullying & Discrimination


How do I create a new Note?

You can create a new note by:

  1. Clicking the “Add New Note / Incident on…” button located above existing notes.

    Add New Note Button


  2. Clicking the ‘new’ button within the “Selected Notebook” panel.

    Add New Note Option in Menu

How do I expand/view the “All Notebooks” and “Selected Notebook” panel?


You can expand either panel by clicking on the appropriate collapsed panel.

Desktop Navigation of Forensic Notes


On mobile devices, you can only view one panel at a time. To view either panel, simply click on the appropriate panel icon.

Mobile Navigation of Forensic Notes


How should I document Workplace incidents within Forensic Notes?


The main point to remember is to always document incidents with fact-based information that shows that your interpretation of the incident is fair and accurate. For further details, please refer to our Top 12 Best Practice Guidelines for Recording and Documenting Evidence.

I just completed my first note. What should I do now?


First off, we want to acknowledge that you’ve taken an important and difficult first step. The fact that you recognize the need to document workplace issues shows that you’ve likely been the target of co-workers bullying or discriminating against you.  Your next step will be to continue to utilize this service and document all incidents at work which you believe will provide a clearer picture of the issues you face.

Fact-based and detailed information is key to providing documentation that will be trusted by others to be truthful and accurate.

If I need to bring my notes to a lawyer, what should I do?


We recommend that you download the Forensic Notebook associated with your incident that you wish to discuss with your lawyer.  Instructions for downloading a Forensic Notebook can be found here.

Since your initial meeting with a lawyer may be quick without access to a computer, we also recommend that you print a copy of your Notebook and take that printed copy with you to your meeting so that your lawyer can read over your information.

How do I download my notes?

Details on how to download your notes can be found within the Download FAQ section found here.

If I need to bring my notes to my HR department what should I do?

Please follow the instructions above in “If I need to bring my notes to a lawyer,…”

If I need to PROVE these notes are authentic, what do I do?


Being able to PROVE that your notes are authentic is the main benefit of Forensic Notes. This can be easily accomplished by following the detailed instructions on Validation found here.

I have a 2nd harasser, what do I do?

You will want to create a 2nd Notebook within the "All Notebooks" panel by clicking on the "New" button.

It is important to keep this information separate to show that it is unrelated to your original harasser.