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Well-Written Contemporaneous Case Notes are Invaluable...

Create Court-Ready Documentation!

Forensic Notes is an advanced Case Notes Solution

Forensic Notes is designed for a variety of professions

Designed for:

    • Police Investigators
    • Private Investigators (PI's)
    • Human Resources
    • Nurses
    • Doctors
    • Social Workers
    • Government Agencies
    • Individuals and Teams


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Brett Shavers : Digital forensics practitioner, author, and instructor.

 I also agree with the importance of notes, especially after having had an experience where I did not take notes (nor did anyone else) in one particular case.

That was a nightmare that I made sure never happened again.

If you didn’t document it, it didn’t happen. 

Brett Shavers
Digital Forensics Practitioner, Author, and Instructor

Author of "Placing the Suspect Behind the Keyboard", "Hiding Behind the Keyboard", and the "X-Ways Forensics Practitioner’s Guide". 
Brett Shavers Blog

Digital Forensics Articles

Importance of Documentation

Experts in the Digital Forensics Field discuss why documentation is so important.

Do you properly document your examinations?

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Contemporaneous Notes

A Lawyers perspective on the requirements of Contemporaneous Notes. 

Will your notes hold up in court?

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Digital Forensics Documentation

ACPO, FSR, ENFSI & NIST all state that Contemporaneous Notes are required during Digital Forensic Examinations.

Do you create Contemporaneous Notes?

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ISO 17025 - Right for Digital Forensics?

ISO 17025 is mandated for all forensic labs in the UK.

Should North America follow this standard?

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Court Accepted Paper Notebooks in Electronic Form

Forensic Notes provides you the functionality you have come to expect from a digital note taking application while adhering to the requirements of paper notebooks that are accepted within the courts.

Paper notebooks accepted within the courts are expected to have:

  • Sequentially numbered pages
  • No pages removed
  • No blank pages or sections
  • An ability to read corrected information or deleted notes


Forensic Notes replicates legal paper notebooks with a Write Once, Read-Only (WORM) system that:

  • Contemporaneously records notes entered in sequential order
  • Ensures that existing notes are never changed
Bound Paper Notebook?



Drag and Drop Notes to Logically Organize Your Information

Organize Forensic Case Notes According to Your Needs

Sequentially ordered forensic case notes are required by the courts, but the reality is that this structure is inefficient for investigations and case work and does not truly represent how people like to read and organize information within business.

Blackthorn CaseNotes - QCC CaseNotes Alternative

Download of Blackthorn CaseNotes (QCC CaseNotes) was discontinued. Forensic Notes is the advanced successor of QCC CaseNotes. 


Forensic Notes allows you to logically organize your case notes within the application while still printing them in sequential order for the courts if required.


Privacy is Protected - Security is Forensic Notes' #1 Priority

Forensic Notes are securely stored and encrypted so only you can access and read your forensic case notes until you decide to provide them to others.*

All private data is encrypted at rest and in transit.

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* Individual accounts

Apple Mac Computer showing Forensic Notes Security


MS Word Metadata Can Be Modified | Forensic Notes Software

Easily Defend Against Attacks Surrounding the Credibility of Your Dates

The ability to prove when you wrote a case note or saved a document is essential in both civil and criminal court.

However, the reality is that it is very easy to change the date of most computer files such as MS Word documents.

Forensic Notes protects your credibility when questioned!

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Easily PROVE the Authenticity of Your Forensic Case Notes & Documents

Every Forensic Note PDF is Timestamped by an independent Timestamping Authority (TSA) and then Digitally Signed. A second Timestamp is then obtained before all the information is entered into our proprietary Validation Tool.

Validating a Forensic Note is fast and easy. Simply Drag & Drop!

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Validating Forensic Notebook within Forensic Notes Validation Tool

Why carry the burden of testifying to the integrity of your notes, when Forensic Notes can do it for you?

Tweet: Why carry the burden of testifying to the integrity of the notes, when Forensic Notes can do it for you?


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