Forensic Witness Guide

Forensic Witness is a unique forensic file transfer system for criminal and civil investigations! 

  • Built to allow investigators to collect video’s, pictures and other vital electronic files from a witnesses’ smartphone or computer.
  • Simple and quick for both investigators and witnesses alike.
  • Designed to collect evidence in a forensic manner suitable for court disclosure.
Forensic Evidence Transfer
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How It Works

Forensic Witness works by:

  • Sending an SMS or Email (one-use-only) to your witness’s device.
  • Witness clicks on a link contained in the SMS or Email.
  • The file upload page is displayed to the Witness.
  • Witness selects files they are willing to share and upload.
  • Files are uploaded and forensically analyzed.
  • Two (2) PDF documents are generated, Digitally Signed and Timestamped. This documents the uploaded files for exhibit continuity and disclosure purposes. 

Why Trust Forensic Notes?

Have questions about our security or storing sensitive information online?
Read our comprehensive FAQ on why you can Trust Forensic Notes.

(IMPORTANT) The witness does NOT need to install any applications on their device or give up possession of their device to the investigator. This is essential for obtaining evidence from reluctant witnesses who are often the ones with the most vital evidence.

Witnesses are concerned about their privacy. Forensic Witness is the only solution that allows witnesses to remain in control of the information they are willing to share.

Let’s see how easy it is for the investigator and witness to use FORENSIC WITNESS:


For investigators, open your Forensic Notes app and follow these 5 simple steps!


As a witness, you will either receive an SMS or Email link from the investigator.
Once received, simply follow these 5 quick steps! 

Want to see how easy Forensic Witness is for yourself (or your agency).  Visit our live web demo today.

To learn more about Forensic Witness and to see how our solution compares to existing methods for obtain evidence from witness smartphones visit our Forensic Witness main page..

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