Forensic Witness – Send File Request

Transforming Field Investigations While Maintaining Evidence Continuity

Forensic Witness streamlines the process of forensically collecting files from various individuals, including::

  • Witnesses
  • Property Representatives
  • Victims
  • Suspects

Each request sent and submission received is automatically logged in your electronic notebook, ensuring a continuous evidence chain.

Forensic Evidence Transfer
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Exploring Forensic Witness: An In-Depth Guide

Learn about the inspiration and driving forces behind the development of Forensic Witness

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Extends Person Entities

Forensic Witness aims to acquire electronic files and information from witnesses, property representatives, and others, thereby enriching the ‘Person Entity’ feature of Forensic Notes.

Before initiating a File Request, you must first create a ‘Person Entity’ using a cellphone number or email address. The File Request is then dispatched via SMS or Email, depending on your chosen method of communication.

For further details on how to create ‘Person Entities’, please visit: Entities – Add Person

Initiate a File Request (Forensic Witness Request)

To start, navigate to the ‘Note Options’ menu for your entity.

Before sending the request via Email or Text Message (SMS), you can add a personalized note to it.

Witness Receives an Email or Text Message

The witness will receive your request promptly, containing clear instructions to click the provided link and upload any files pertinent to the investigation.

Once the witness clicks on the link, they will be directed to an upload form.

Investigator's Perspective

The investigator will be promptly notified once the witness receives the request, which contains clear instructions to click on the provided link and upload any files relevant to the investigation.

Empower Your Investigations with Forensic Witness

The process is seamless, secure, and designed to save valuable time, making Forensic Witness an invaluable tool for any investigation.

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