Forensic Witness

by Michael Post

Forensic Witness

Forensic Witness streamlines the process of forensically collecting files from individuals such as witnesses, property representatives, victims, and suspects.

Each request made and submission received is automatically documented in your notebook, maintaining evidence continuity.

In addition, every file uploaded through Forensic Witness is hashed by Forensic Notes, generating dual reports – a comprehensive one for the investigator and a simplified version with redacted information for other parties.

Forensic Evidence Transfer
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Witnesses don’t hesitate to use their phones to record events as they happen… but they’re often unwilling to hand over their phones for evidence collection.

Current Solutions

Do Not Work!

Seize the Phone

Download the Phone via Mobile Kiosk

Electronically Obtain the Files by Email or Chat Application

Forensic Witness is the Solution!

A Better Solution

Witnesses may sometimes inadvertently ‘forget’ they possess a crucial video of an incident or choose to leave the scene to avoid surrendering their smartphones to law enforcement.

Forensic Witness ensures witnesses can always retain possession of their highly valued smartphones. This encourages a more cooperative atmosphere, resulting in happier and more willing witnesses.

Maximize Efficiency and Legal Compliance

Your team of investigators and digital forensic examiners are stretched thin. Let’s not add to their workload by downloading the entire contents of a smartphone when you only need a handful of videos or pictures.

The legal landscape is also increasingly wary of such practices, with potential claims of destroying evidence if unnecessary files are deleted post-download.

Forensic Witness has been crafted to mitigate these issues, streamlining the process of obtaining videos and images forensically right at the incident scene. It reduces the time and effort involved and eliminates the need for exhaustive training.

Files are uploaded swiftly and in a forensically-sound manner, ready for the lead investigators to access almost immediately. For your peace of mind, a comprehensive forensic report is generated, including the witness information, primed for court disclosure.

Forensic Witness: efficiency, simplicity, and legal compliance rolled into one.

Boost Witness Engagement and Cooperation

Establishing positive rapport with witnesses can significantly enhance their cooperation and willingness to aid in an investigation or attend court when necessary.

By using Forensic Witness, individuals can contribute critical information while maintaining possession of their devices, fostering a sense of respect.

This proactive approach to witness relations can facilitate the investigative process, ultimately leading to more efficient and successful outcomes.

Automated Documentation

Automated Documentation: Accuracy and Efficiency Combined

One of the key advantages of using Forensic Witness is its automatic documentation feature.

Each step, from sending a file request to receiving the evidence, is logged into your electronic notebook. This not only saves you valuable time but also guarantees thorough and precise record-keeping, making your work more streamlined and effective.

Forensic Witness ensures you never miss out on documenting any critical step of the file request process, providing a complete trail of actions taken in obtaining digital evidence.

In short, its documentation made effortless and foolproof.

Your Steps to Streamlined Evidence Collection with Forensic Witness

Using Forensic Witness is as simple as 1-2-3. It’s designed by investigators, for investigators, with the clear understanding that reducing complexity is crucial in promoting new technology adoption.

  1. The investigator quickly inputs the basic details about the witness, such as name, date of birth, and contact information, into the Forensic Witness app.
  2. An email or SMS text message containing a unique URL is immediately sent to the witness, who just needs to tap the link to access the app.
  3. The witness selects and uploads the associated videos, pictures, or audio files related to the investigation.
  4. These files are then securely and forensically transmitted to your organization, ensuring the continuity of evidence.
  5. Each uploaded file is hashed and timestamped, providing a comprehensive audit trail.
  6. A court-ready document is instantly generated, saving time on disclosure paperwork and ensuring all information is ready when needed.

The process is seamless, secure, and designed to save valuable time, making Forensic Witness an invaluable tool for any investigation.

Forensic Report

Ready for Court

Each witness interaction generates a comprehensive Digital Forensic Report, ready for disclosure whenever you need it.

Forensic Witness

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