Forensic Witness

by Michael Post

Forensic Witness

Designed to assist investigators in forensically collecting the following electronic evidence from Witnesses at the scene of an incident.

Forensic Evidence Transfer
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Witnesses are quick to pull out their cellphone and capture evidence before, during or after a major incident…
Most are not willing to hand over their smartphone to an investigator to obtain the electronic evidence forensically.

Current Solutions

Do Not Work!

Seize the Phone

Download the Phone via Mobile Kiosk

Electronically Obtain the Files by Email or Chat Application

Forensic Witness is the Solution!

A Better Solution

Witnesses often “forget” they have video of an incident or simply walk away from the scene when they see police starting to seize phones.

Forensic Witness allows witnesses to maintain possession of their prized smartphone at all times resulting in happy, willing and cooperative witnesses.

Save Time & Resources

Your Investigators and Digital Forensic Examiners are already overworked and stressed. Don’t increase their workload by having them download an entire smartphone when your investigation only requires a couple of videos or pictures.

Forensic Witness was designed to reduce the time, effort and training required to forensically obtain videos and images directly at the scene of the incident.

Files are quickly uploaded in a forensically-sound manner and made available to lead investigators almost immediately.

And to make things even better, a forensic report is generated which includes the witness information ready for court disclosure.

Happy Witness

Witnesses who feel helpful and respected are more willing to assist the investigation and attend court if required.

How Does Forensic Witness Work?

Forensic Witness is designed to be simple and straight forward.

As investigators, we understand that reducing complexity is key to getting both your investigators and witnesses to use new technology.

  1. Investigator enters basic witness information into the Forensic Witness app

  2. Witness is sent an email or SMS text message with a unique URL to access the app (simply tap to open)

  3. Witness selects the video, picture or audio files associated with the investigation and uploads the files

  4. Files are automatically sent to the department in a forensically sound and secure manner

  5. Each file is forensically Hashed & Timestamped

  6. Court-Ready document is generated and ready for disclosure

Forensic Report

Ready for Court

Each witness will generate their own Digital Forensic Report that can be disclosed as needed.

Forensic Witness

Starting at only $1 per month

(per employee)

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