Free Accounts

We provide unique FREE accounts to assist people in documenting problems in the workplace.

Our Workplace Bullying accounts are specifically designed with templates to help you document this serious issue properly.

(1) Azure Active Directory (AD) Login - Users can utilize their own Azure Active Directory (AD) Login credentials to access the Forensic Notes application. Email us to find out how.

(2) Social Login - You can signup and login to your account using Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Microsoft Live Social Login Accounts or setup a new Forensic Notes Account using an email of your choice.

(3) Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)- All Forensic Notes accounts are secured with MFA. This is a best practice solution for any website application that stores sensitive information. Visit our Security & Data Encryption page for additional information.

(4) Digitally Signed & Timestamped Notes - Every Forensic Note is Digitally Signed and then Timestamped by an independant & trusted Timestamping Authority (TSA).

(5) Unlimited Forensic Notebooks - Forensic Notebooks contain ALL Forensic Notes entered in a specific Notebook. Forensic Notebooks present your Forensic Notes in a contemporaneous manner suitable for court purposes.

(6) Unique Account Encryption Key - Used to encyrpt the unique encryption key used to encrypt each note. For additional information on how Forensic Notes are encrypted, refer to our Security & Data Encryption page.

(7) Account Audit Logs - Simple to read and understand. Audit Logs can be used for both security and court purposes to see EVERY action taken against your account.