All Notebooks Panel



Within the “All Notebooks” panel, you have several options as shown in the image below.

All Notebooks Panel Explained

We will now break down each option in more detail.

Create New Notebook

Forensic Notes Professional accounts offer three (3) different types of notebooks:

  • General Notebook
  • Forensic Notebook
  • Forensic Notebook (w/ edits)

All Notebooks - Create Notebook

Starter Accounts

Starter accounts are limited to “General Notebooks” only.

To determine which notebook you should use, refer to “Types of Notebooks” section.

As you can see in the image, you can also create Folders so that you can organize your Notebooks to suit you or your organization’s needs.

Arranging Notebooks & Folders

Only Administrators will be able to re-arrange notes and create folders within the “All Notebooks” section.

By default, the user who created the account will be set as an Administrator.

For more information on managing users within Team accounts, click here.

Team Accounts:

By default, all Starter and Professional accounts are setup to invite other Team Members.

Delete Notebook

This option will allow you to delete the currently selected notebook if no Forensic Notes exist within that notebook.

Audit Logs

Audit Logs in this section show a history of activities that have occurred in your account including, but not limited to:

  • Creating Forensic Notebooks
  • Creating Forensic Notes
  • Viewing Forensic Notes
  • Downloading a Forensic Notebook
  • Downloading a Forensic Note

Audit Logs are only generated for actions involving Forensic Notebooks and Forensic Notes.

Actions involving Non-Timestamped Notes and General Notebooks are not captured.

Audit Logs - Admins Only!

This option is only available to Administrators of your account.

Team Members will not be able to see the audit logs.

For more information on managing Team Members, click here.