Multi-Factor Authentication MFA



Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) further secures your account from un-authorized access should someone obtain your username and password.

We highly recommend that you use your cellphone number and ensure you always have access to this device when logging into the application.

With MFA, you have two (2) options:

  1. Send Code (via text message)
  2. Call Me

Send Code (via text message)

MFA via Text Message is the most common way that users authenticate, but this does require you to manually enter the code provided within the login form after viewing it on your cellphone.

Call Me

We recommend that you use the “Call Me” feature as it is often the faster method.

Call Me

MFA via "Call Me" simply requires that you acknowledge the login by pressing the “#” (pound key) upon answering a call from Microsoft Azure on your authentication device (cellphone).

Upon granting access, the application will log into Forensic Notes.

Azure B2C MFA