Selected Notebook Panel



Within the “Selected Notebook” panel, you have several options as shown in the image below.

Selected Notebook Panel Explained

Create New Note

This option will allow you to either create a new note or folder.

Folders are solely for helping to organize your notes within the Forensic Notes application.

Folders do not affect the final Notebook when it is generated as a PDF.


This option will allow you to download either a single Timestamped Note (Forensic Note) or a Notebook depending on if you have the root node (Notebook) or an individual Forensic Note selected.

Delete Note

This option will allow you to delete a non-Timestamped Forensic Notes.

See below for information on “Mark Forensic Notes as Deleted” option.

Deleting Forensic Notes - "Mark Forensic Note as Deleted"

Mark Forensic Note as Deleted

Forensic Notes cannot be deleted once they are timestamped.

Similar to the idea that you cannot permanently remove or cover up a note written in pen in a paper notebook, you can’t permanently delete a timestamped note in your electronic notebook.

Instead, we allow you mark the note as deleted which still allows the note to be readable, but crossed out to indicate that a mistake was made.

You are also able to provide a reason for the deletion which will be included in your Forensic Notebook PDFs.

For further information on how to Mark Forensic Notes as Deleted, refer to the
FAQ - How Do I?” section.

Audit Logs

Audit Logs within this section only show actions taken against the currently selected Forensic Notebook.

Audit Logs are only generated for actions involving Forensic Notebooks and Forensic Notes. Actions against Non-Timestamped Notes and General Notebooks are not captured.

Audit Logs - Admins Only!

This option is only available to Administrators of your account.

Regular users will not be able to see the audit logs.

For more information on managing Team Members, click here.

View All Timestamped Notes (Forensic Notes)

This option is only available for:

  • General Notebooks
  • Forensic Notebooks (w/ edits)

This option allows you to view all timestamped notes associated with your Forensic Notebook including older versions.

Both General and Forensic Notebooks (w/ edits) allow you to edit existing notes and re-timestamp as required.  

When you choose to edit a timestamped note, the system will make a copy of your original timestamped note to edit. The original timestamped note (Forensic Note) will remain un-altered and available if required.

To switch back to viewing “Active Documents”, click the Notebook icon as shown in the image below.

Selected Notebook - View Active Documents

Editor Overview

Forensic Notes - Editor Overview

Editor Features

The Note Editor contains many features, for further details refer to our “FAQs – Editor Features” section.