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Easy to produce Court ready notes that are digitally signed, timestamped and court verifiable

Investigations are time consuming. Every action you take as an investigator can be called into question if your evidence is presented within civil or criminal court. Forensic Notes allows you to set up an electronic notebook for each investigation. This will allow you to conveniently record every aspect of your investigation from start to finish. Every note entered will be timestamped by a trusted third party Timestamp Authority (TSA), which allows you to irrefutably prove exactly when the note was entered.

Courts require that investigators provide contemporaneous notes which clearly show all aspects of your investigation. The courts do not allow you to erase or remove pages from your paper notebooks, nor will they allow you to pick the forensic notes you wish to present to the courts. This is one of the main reasons why electronic documents cannot typically be used as contemporaneous notes within the courts. Forensic Notes overcomes this limitation with its proprietary Forensic Notebook, which includes all notes, attachments and individual Timestamp Certificates for your investigation.

NOTE: Forensic Notes allows you to redact and mark notes as deleted, just like you would with paper notebooks. In compliance with the law, the information you redact or mark as deleted will be available to the courts if deemed necessary. With Forensic Notes, you will be able to provide two copies of your Forensic Notebook. Crown will receive the full unedited version, while Defense will receive a version that shows the existence of redacted and deleted notes, but this information will be hidden from view as normal.

Forensic Notes is designed for:

  • Open Source Investigator
  • Digital Forensic Examiner - eDiscovery Examiner
  • Civil Criminal Investigators or Detectives
  • Police Officers

Open Source Investigators

What would it mean for your department if you could complete more investigations every year?

Forensic Notes takes your efficiency to the next level, allowing you to do more investigations in less time.

Open Source Investigators have specific needs as the majority of the evidence they find is on the Internet. Forensic Notes has been specifically designed to properly record and store screen captures and electronic data, allowing you to complete your online investigations more efficiently. With Forensic Notes, You have the ability to simply drag and drop website captures directly within your notes. This not only saves time, but more importantly, it allows you to complete more investigations annually.

Digital Forensic Examiner - eDiscovery Examiner

Digital Forensic Labs have backlogs… Reduce the time required to process and analyze digital devices, reply to questions from lead investigators, and restart investigations by utilizing the tagging and search functionality of Forensic Notes

Digital forensic examinations are time consuming and complicated. To make matters even more difficult, most Forensic Examiners are expected to handle multiple investigations at the same time as the complexity and number of investigations continue to rise. Restarting an examination often leads to duplicated work or worse, you might forget to follow-up on a piece of information which was previously identified. Forensic Notes helps Digital Forensic Examiners by allowing them to logically keep track of their investigations, tag notes for follow-up, and quickly respond to lead investigator questions.

Civil & Criminal Investigators or Detectives

Timestamped and 100% verifiable. That’s the Forensic Notes difference.

As a Criminal Investigator you are required to keep detailed and contemporaneous notes about your investigations, which can often last months, if not years. Keeping all of your paper notes organized is an incredibly difficult task—and perhaps an expensive one, as many investigators have to hire additional office staff just to keep up. Paper notes make looking up older notes very difficult. With Forensic Notes, you can keep track of all your notes in one place, tag and search as required, and organize within folders. When it’s time to prepare your notes for court, you can easily print your notes by date with the push of a button so that they can be easily referenced within the courts as your contemporaneous notes. Imagine how much time and effort could be saved if you implemented this system today.

Police Officers

Easy to produce Court ready notes which are digitally timestamped and court verifiable

Contemporaneous notes are essential. Every officer is trained to keep detailed notes, but who wants to keep a paper notebook in this day and age? Forensic Notes allow you to take notes electronically. This will save you time and make you more efficient so that you don't have to spend hours re-typing all that information into your required electronic reports.

Mobile Forensic Notes application to be released in early 2017.

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Business / Employment

All business owners—from large corporations to the mom and pop store down the street—know that running their operation smoothly presents its own set of challenges, ranging from problem employees, to workplace harassment, to complicated Contract and Investment Agreements. Forensic Notes was designed to handle all of these circumstances effortlessly, allowing you to record and track all aspects of your business and employees.

Forensic Notes is designed for:

  • Human Resources
  • Workplace Harassment
  • Contract / Investment Agreements

Human Resources

Can you afford a million dollar lawsuit?

"Document, document, document.” Legal counsel and human resources consultants are constantly reminding you to keep flawless documentation. To say that documentation is vital in employment litigation is an understatement. Not only does it help in maintaining good employer-employee relations, but the employee actions can also be challenged by the claimants in the event that they question the occurrence of the incident.

A streamlined document organization system allows the employer to optimize his or her defense. It will lay out the details, clearly and concisely, reducing the legal costs. Forensic Notes help you handle employee related incidents by helping you create, organize, and date detailed notes about the employee's conduct.

In order to avoid legal and financial consequences such as discrimination suits, wrongful termination, and unemployment claims, proper documentation must be maintained at all times. Businesses lose millions of dollars each year due to lawsuits by previous employees.

Forensic Notes is your answer and could literally save your company and your livelihood from a devastating lawsuit.

In 2014 alone, 88,778 cases were brought before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, (EEOC) the agency that enforces employment laws in the United States.

Workplace Harassment

You don’t deserve it. Start recording everything NOW to ensure that your evidence will be presented fairly within civil court.

Workplace harassment is all too common nowadays and can range from offensive remarks, to unwanted touching, and even to physical violence. Oftentimes having a word with management or the Human Resources department can effectively put a stop to the harassment.

But what if those instances of harassment are endemic or ingrained at an organization, or is coming from upper management itself?

In cases such as these, it is unlikely your concerns will be heard; in fact, YOU may be looked upon as the problem! This can lead to even more severe harassment at the workplace until the only solution you can see is to quit.

If you are being harassed at work, start documenting everything TODAY to ensure that you can provide proof of the harassment in court should the need arise in the future. If you fail to properly document your experiences or attempts to rectify the problem, it may be extremely difficult for you to prove the harassment even occurred.

The court will likely find it hard to believe that you can accurately remember incidents that occurred months or years earlier if you haven’t carefully recorded every incident. Properly documenting the incidents when they happen will clearly show what occurred and help you get the justice within civil court that you deserve.

$100,000+ settlements are not uncommon for workplace harassment claims. Invest in Forensic Notes today to ensure you have a fighting chance against your employer.

Contract / Investment Agreements

Contracts are signed to ensure that all involved parties are fully aware of their obligations...

But can you ensure that your signed document will hold up in court if the other party denies that they signed the contract years prior?

Employment, Project, and Investment contracts are only a few of the many types of contracts you may have to sign or have others sign while conducting business. Contract and/or Investment Agreements can be a few pages to several thousand pages of so-called “legalese”, dense with difficult to interpret information (even for lawyers!). Forensic Notes allows for the seamless integration of scanned contracts. This paperwork will then be digitally timestamped to ensure that there is no question whatsoever as to the date upon which the agreement was made. Want to protect yourself and your business partners? Use Forensic Notes to record and track ALL contracts within your business.



Forensic Notes is designed for:

  • Lawyers
  • Inventors


Can your law firm’s reputation afford to be accused of overbilling clients?

It is a proven fact that lawyers who reconstruct their time weekly may lose up to 25% of the time they had invested. Forensic Notes allows you to keep a record of the progress of each case chronologically and bill your client accurately, which is crucial for the overall financial success of the law firm. Forensic Notes will help you keep contemporaneous notes of each and every file within a separate digital Forensic Notebook so that none of your work is lost and your time-keeping is up to date.


Is your million dollar idea properly recorded so that you can successfully obtain a patent?

Are you protected against intellectual property theft?

Forensic Notes can be used to record and prove your involvement in every step of your invention process.

Every successful entrepreneur will tell you that failure and rejection is all part of the process of inventing something new and exciting. Honda founder Soichiro Honda famously stated that “Success is 99 percent failure”. Every failure (AKA: step towards success) isn’t just the result of hard work, brainstorming, testing your theories: it’s the result of never giving up. Even though failure is expected as an entrepreneur, it can still cause you to sidestep the processes that you know you should take to ensure your eventual invention is patentable. Without being able to secure a patent, it is likely that you will not be able to protect others from stealing your ideas. As a result, you should record and timestamp every thought, theory, and test, which will help show the courts every single second of time and effort you put into your invention. This can prove that you were the original inventor of an idea or product.

Criminal / Civil Issues

The line between criminal and civil issues can become blurred as both often tend to blend into one another. In many circumstances, civil issues can further deteriorate to the point in which one party begins to act criminally toward the other. Make sure you begin to record all actions taken not only by the culprit, but also actions you take to rectify the situation. If you can clearly show that you are a victim who has attempted to do everything to correct the situation, the courts will often side in your favor.

Forensic Notes is designed for:

  • Cyber Bullying
  • Landlords
  • Tenant (Renters)

Cyber Bullying

Do not ignore any situation that can lead to depression and lack of self-worth. Record all actions taken against you online to show the courts and/or the authorities that you do not deserve the treatment you are receiving.

Cyber bullying has become an unfortunate reality of the cyber age. Nearly everyone is online and connected via Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Instagram and email. We live in an age where everyone has a high definition camera in their pocket—and it’s completely possible for someone to snap your picture and broadcast it to everyone you know. Bullies will often send out images and videos that are less that flattering, leaving you to feel ashamed and embarrassed for something completely out of your control. In all instances, you should speak with a parent, teacher, or counsellor who might be able to assist you in finding the best way to stop the bullying. However, if it’s an ongoing situation in which your tormentor posts and quickly removes the offending material, wouldn’t you rather have it documented? This way the evidence is preserved should you require it.


Do you have a problem renter that you have been unable to evict?

What was your greatest fear in becoming a landlord? According to statistics, nearly 60% of landlords face a problem with their tenants. In most of North America, tenancy laws are very pro-tenant. Proper documentation can help keep you safe from legal disputes with problem tenants, and may even allow you to evict them legally. Without proper documentation, the Rental Tenancy Board will often side with the tenant, which can lead to costly and time consuming legal proceedings. Digitally timestamp notes with Forensic Notes to keep yourself and your business safe from problem tenants!

Tenant (Renters)

Do you have a problem renter that you have been unable to evict?

Are you being unfairly victimized by a landlord who is attempting to evict you—most likely so that they can raise the rent they receive for your home? It is not uncommon in hot real estate markets for landlords to attempt to evict their tenants so that they can raise rental prices. In most North American cities, landlords are only legally able to raise the rent a small percentage each year, and oftentimes this does not keep up with the going rate in most popular cities. Document everything that your landlord is doing immediately to help ensure that you get to keep your home.

Additional Areas

Forensic Notes can be used at any time to ensure a note, document, agreement, or discovery can be proven in court to have occurred on a particular date. Record everything within Forensic Notes to help ensure you have no issues in court.

Forensic Notes can be used for:

  • Artists (Trademarks, intellectual property)
  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA)
  • Researchers (intellectual property)

The term 'Forensic Case Notes' is often used to describe contemporaneous notes written by investigators, counselors and private investigators. Forensic Notes is the next generation of Forensic Case Notes.

What is a "Forensic Note"?

A “Forensic Note” includes the following:

  • Note / Images -- entered by user
  • Attachments -- associated with note
  • Digital Timestamp Certificate

What is a “Forensic Notebook”?

A “Forensic Notebook” includes:

  • All Forensic Notes entered within a Notebook
  • Digital Timestamp Certificate for the Notebook and each individual Forensic Note

Timestamp Authority (TSA)

A TSA provides proof that the information you entered existed at a particular point in time and that the information has not changed since it was timestamped by the TSA.

Forensic Notes uses a trusted and independant TSA that is trusted by global banks and governments. More Information