Testimonials – NOT LIVE

by robAdmin

Application Security

Forensic Notes is employing all best practices in securing their application and the data that exists within it.

Mike Parsons - Security Evangelist

Digital Forensics Investigations

I wish I had a tool like this years ago . . . from a best practices standpoint, it compels examiners to carefully and contemporaneously document their efforts.

I like the feature where we can add attachments to our notes as well.

Digital Forensics Investigations

It’s easy to use a documentation system before you begin working a case. It’s impossible to start one after your case is done.

Forensic Notes makes documentation easy from the beginning through the end of a case, and it's a solid system at that.

Police Investigations

Unlike almost all of the software programs we currently use this was created by/for law enforcement

~ name withheld - Police Officer / Investigator

Open-Source Investigations

From intake to investigation, Forensic Notes solves a critical problem in OSINT investigations: having bulletproof notes.

Save yourself the headache and embarrassment, and start taking Forensic Notes.

DFIR Investigations

I have been in situations were having case notes ‘saved’ me, and seen where not having them has led to issues for others.

I also agree wholeheartedly with Forensic Notes reasoning on why not to use MS Word and OneNote and instead use Forensic Notes.

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