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Why You Need Forensic Notes


Legal Notebooks in Electronic Form

Forensic Notes provides you the functionality you have come to expect from a digital note taking application while adhering to the requirements of paper notebooks that are accepted within the courts. Paper notebooks accepted within the courts are expected to have:

  • Sequentially numbered pages
  • No pages removed
  • No blank pages or sections within the notebook
  • An ability to read corrected information or deleted notes

Forensic Notes replicates legal paper notebooks with a Write Once, Read-Only (WORM) system that:

    • Contemporaneously records notes entered in sequential order
    • Removes the ability to delete or hide notes
  • Removes the ability to add additional details to a previous note
  • Ensures that deleted notes are always available and provided to the courts as required
Why you need Forensic Notes?

Why You Need Forensic Notes?

  • Prove* when an incident occurred
  • Prove* who witnessed the incident
  • Prove* how you felt on any given day as a result of the incident
  • Paper notebooks and electronic files can be easily altered resulting in your credibility being questioned within the courts -- Go to court with confidence...Go to court with Forensic Notes which are Digitally Signed and Timestamped by an independent third party proving you made the note on the date stated in your document

Disclaimer: * "Prove" does NOT indicate that Forensic Notes provides 100% undeniable proof that something occurred, rather Forensic Notes helps you as the author prove your information taking into account your evidence, background and articulation of the events. With Forensic Notes, you can help prove that you entered the note on a given date and time.

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Computer showing Forensic Notes Security

Security is Forensic Notes' #1 Priority

Encrypted & Secure - That's the Forensic Notes difference...

For full details on what Forensic Notes does to protect your privacy and confidentiality, view the Forensic Notes Security & Data Encryption page.

Court Ready - Undeniable Proof

Timestamped by a trusted Timestamp Authority (TSA)

Every Forensic Note is Timestamped by a trusted Timestamp Authority (TSA) which generates a digitally signed certificate for each and every Forensic Note you enter. This timestamp clearly shows the date and time when the note was entered. This includes any attachments included with the Forensic Note.

The Timestamps are RFC 3161 compliant which is an accepted standard throughout the Industrialized World allowing you to prove within a court of law that the Note and Attachments were created on a specific date-time and not modified.

Read more about the Trusted Timestamping Authority (TSA) that Forensic Notes utilizes.



Customized Notebooks

Every person will utilize Forensic Notes in a different way, as a result when creating a Notebook, you will be able to select from a variety of different Notebook templates. Each type of Notebook will have its own customized keyword tags and features allowing you to see the full benefits of Forensic Notes with your first entry.

Read more about the Specialized Solutions Forensic Notes supports.


Workplace Harassment - Customized Interface

Workplace harassment can cause a lot of strong negative emotions that often make it difficult to think clearly or respond to situations as you normally would. The main thing to remember is that you are not alone.

Sign up for a "Workplace Harassment" account which has been specifically designed to step you through the process of creating notes quickly and easily. Fact-based notes will show your Human Resource department, EEOC or the courts that you are credible and honest.

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Workplace Harassment Tour : Will you notes be accepted in court?

Stop Workplace Harassment  




Drag & Drop Images into Editor

Forensic Notes has advanced Drag & Drop capabilities allowing you to simply Drag & Drop image files from File Explorer directly into the editor.



Automatic Tagging

As you type your Forensic Note, the editor will automatically highlight the appropriate keyword tags within the editor and add them to the Tag List to allow you to organize and find your Forensic Note faster in the future.


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