Trust Digital Signing Certificate


Every Forensic Note and Forensic Notebook is Digitally Signed by a Digital Signing Certificate issued by Comodo, a Certificate Authority (CA). By default, Adobe Reader / Acrobat do not have knowledge of the certificate which results in the warning “At least one signature has problems” (as shown below).

To properly validate your Forensic Notes and Forensic Notebooks, follow the steps outlined below which will add the Digital Signing Certificate to your list of Truststed Certificates. The following steps only need to be completed once on each computer viewing Forensic Notes and Notebooks.


Forensic Notes : Certificate not Trusted Details

NOTE: The following instructions are for Adobe Acrobat Reader CS.  Other versions of Adobe Acrobat will have similar features and options.

Step #1 - Signature Panel

1. Click on “Signature Panel”


Forensic Notes : Certificate Trusted


2. Click the dropdown menu next to “Validate All”

3. Click on “Validate Signature”

4. Click the “Signature Properties…” button


Forensic Notes : Valid Signature


Step #2 - Signature Properties

The following menu shows the properties of the Digital Signature. As shown, the Forensic Note has not been modified since it was Digitally Signed.


1. Click the “Show Signer’s Certificate…” button


Forensic Notes : Signature Properties

Step #3 - Certificate Viewer - Summary

The following menu shows further information related to the Digital Certificate.

1. Click the “Trust” tab


Forensic Notes : Certificate Viewer


Step #4 – Certificate Viewer – Trust

The following menu shows that the associated Digital Certificate is not trusted.

1. Click the “Add to Trusted Certificates…” button


Forensic Notes : Certificate Viewer : Trust Tab


Step #5 – Add Trust Settings

This following menu allows you to set the Trust level for the Digital Certificate associated with Forensic Notes and Notebooks. To properly validate Forensic Notes and Notebooks, you only need to ensure that the following two (2) options are selected:

1. Use this certificate as a trusted root

2. Certified documents

3. Click “Ok” to save changes

Dynamic Content, Embedded high privilege JavaScript and Privileged system operation options do NOT need to be selected. These can cause potential security concerns in some environments and are not required for validating Forensic Notes.


Forensic Notes : Setting Certificate Trust Settings


Step #6 – Validate Signature

Now that the Digital Certificate is trusted within Adobe Reader/Acrobat, the Forensic Note or Notebook must be re-validated as it will continue to show errors until completed.

1. Click on menu icon next to “Validate All”

2. Click on “Validate Signature”


The Digital Signature will be re-validated now that the Digital Certificate is trusted.


Forensic Notes : Revalidate Digital Certificate


Step #7 – Valid Signature

The Signature Panel should now show the following message:

"Signed and all signatures are valid"


Forensic Notes : Valid Signature


View List of Trusted Certificates - Adobe Reader

To view the list of Trusted Certificates within Adobe Reader, following these steps:

1. Click “Preferences…” within "Edit" menu


Forensic Notes : Preferences within Adobe


2. Click "Signatures"

3. Click "More…" button within "Identities & Trusted Certificates"

4. View list of Trusted Certificates


Forensic Notes : Adobe Certificate Location