Types of Notebooks

Which Notebook is Right for You?


Forensic Notes Icon Logo Forensic Notes offers three (3) different types of Notebooks to meet your specific needs.

  1. Forensic Notebook *
  2. Forensic Notebook (w/ edits) *
  3. General Notebook

* Professional account required

Forensic Notebooks

Forensic Notebook Icon Forensic Notebooks are the purest form of contemporaneous notes.

If full-disclosure is a legal requirement you need to abide by, then a Forensic Notebook is what you need.

Forensic Notebook Icon Forensic Notebook

This is the closest replication of a bound paper notebook and pen in electronic form.

Like pen and paper, once you write a note (and timestamp it), the note will remain as written.

No edits or modifications allowed.

Any notes that are marked as 'deleted' will be crossed out.

Date & Time associated with an individual note is obtained from the timestamp certificate issued upon completion of a note.

Main Advantage:

  • Full-Disclosure
  • Each note is Digitally Signed, Timestamped and saved as a Forensic Note

Write-Once, Read-Many (WORM)

Forensic Notebooks that don't allow edits are also referred to as a WORM Notebook (Write-Once, Read-Many).

Forensic Notebook Icon Forensic Notebook (w/ edits)

This is for those that need a Forensic Notebook for documenting actions, but still want the ability to edit notes afterwards.

This notebook is ideal for making the following types of 'tidying up' corrections:

  • Spelling
  • Grammatical
  • Date & Time*
  • Clarifying information

Editing of notes is not intended to:

  • Remove notes you no longer want to disclose
  • Change a theory or step previously taken

This is because the above changes would be disclosed within the downloaded Forensic Notebook PDF.

Every previous version of a note, generated when a new version is timestamped, is included at the back of the downloaded PDF.

Create a professional version of your notes while still adhering to full-disclosure rules.

Main Advantage:

  • Full-Disclosure
  • Each note is Digitally Signed, Timestamped and saved as a Forensic Note
  • Ability to 'tidy up' notes

Full-Disclosure Note:
The note will display the timestamped Date & Time of every previous note. Previous versions of the note with the original timestamp can be used to confirm when you made your original note and if its 'true meaning' has changed since that time.

General Notebook Icon General Notebook

This is for general note-taking, offering all the same features as a Forensic Notebook without full-disclosure.

Not For Legal Purposes

This notebook is not meant for legal purposes. But, individual notes can be timestamped creating a Forensic Note.

Forensic Notes can be used in legal situations.

General Notebooks do not limit your ability to edit or delete existing notes. You are in full control.

Main Advantage:

  • Downloaded PDF Notebook only includes the notes you want to disclose (deleted notes are not included).