Validate via Timestamp Certificate


Forensic Notes are timestamped by DigiStamp, an independent & trusted Timestamping Authority (TSA). DigiStamps’ Timestamp Certificate (.p7s extension file) is used to verify the date and time of your Forensic Note if the validity of the Forensic Note is ever questioned.

Timestamp Validation NOT Always Required!

The instructions within this article are provided to validate a Forensic Note with the generated Timestamp Certificate. However, validation via timestamp should only occur if the validity of the Forensic Note is questioned as the steps below are more complex than using the Forensic Notes Proprietary Validation Tool.


1. Open the Forensic Note ZIP Archive (.zip) that you downloaded from your account


2. Locate the Forensic Note and Timestamp Certificate


Forensic Notes : Archive File



3. Extract files from ZIP Archive into a regular folder

Forensic Notes : Extract files from ZIP


4. Go to: DigiStamp Timestamp Verification Tool


Forensic Notes : Digistamp Verification Tool



5. Drag & Drop the files into the DigiStamp Timestamp Verification application or press the "Choose Files" button to select your files from within File Explorer.


Forensic Notes : Using DigiStamp Verification Tool


NOTE: Your personal information is not uploaded to the DigiStamp server.


Forensic Notes : No Private Information Transmitted

~ Screen capture from DigiStamp site shown above (“Click to show instruction” clicked)



Verified Valid Timestamp

The following display confirms that the timestamp matches the Forensic Note. The date & time saved within the Timestamp Certificate is displayed within the DigiStamp confirmation application.


Forensic Notes : Valid

Good to Know - Filename Changes

Changing the filename of the Forensic Note or Timestamp Certificate has no effect on the validation process.

Changing a filename does not change the contents of the file or its’ HASH value. The HASH (SHA-512) value is used to validate a file with an associated timestamp.

Good to Know - UTC or GMT?

All dates & times stored or displayed are in UTC (Universal Time Coordinated).

UTC = GMT (Greenwich Mean Time

Technically, UTC is a time standard whereas GMT is time zone. Both are often used interchangeably and represent the same time offset.

Invalid Timestamp

Timestamp Certificate does not match the Forensic Note

The following shows that the Timestamp Certificate does not match the Forensic Note provided. If the filenames match but the following information is displayed, then this could be an indication that the Forensic Note has been altered in some way.


Forensic Notes : Invalid