Forensic Notes Validation Tool


Prove the Authenticity of Your Documents

The proprietary Validation Tool below will allow you to prove the date that your Forensic Notebook, Individual Forensic Notes, and Attachments were written and confirm that they have not been modified since they were saved within Forensic Notes.



Test Forensic Note Validation


Below are three (3) files you can use to test the validation system.

1. Valid Forensic Notebook


2. Valid - But Older Outdated Forensic Notebook

The following Notebook is Valid, but additional change(s) were made to the electronic version of the Notebook within the Forensic Notes application which results in the following Forensic Notebook being valid, but outdated (Yellow).

Changes may include the user adding a new Forensic Note or marking an existing Forensic Note as deleted.

FACT: This is similar to Photocopying the notes within a paper notebook, but then adding a new note to the paper notebook afterwards. The existing photocopy is valid; it just doesn’t include all the information currently contained within the paper notebook which could be essential to your particular incident.

3. Invalid Forensic Notebook

The following Notebook was modified within Adobe Reader and is therefore NOT valid.