Did Donald Trump sexually assault multiple women?

Sex, Lies, and trying to find the Truth?

Did Donald Trump sexually assault multiple women or is each one of them making up the accusations for political reasons?

Forensic Notes is not picking sides nor are we discussing our political views, but instead we are asking you…

Who do you believe and why?

Perhaps your beliefs about the accusations are based on your gut feeling?

Perhaps they are based on the news media interviews with Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, or the alleged victims. 

Source: Gage Sidmore

Hopefully though, you are basing your beliefs on the same standard as the courts, which is compelling evidence!

The allegations against Donald Trump provide a perfect example of how it can be decades before a potential victim feels comfortable or empowered enough to make the sexual harassment known to friends or family.

It is even more difficult to speak with the media or law enforcement.


Time Magazine attempted to outline the evidence against Donald Trump. But the vast majority of the evidence appears to be undocumented and only corroborated by friends and family.

The reality is that the credibility of those witnesses will also be questioned as they too are relying on memory to substantiate the claims. And obviously, people will be skeptical when the witnesses are family and friends of the victim.

As a result, Donald Trump’s side will simply argue that the claims are for political or financial reasons.   

As an onlooker with no real knowledge of the actual details of the allegations, it is easy to believe either side.

Especially if you have strong views of Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is an evil dictator...

You will likely believe that these situations occurred and that Donald Trump is guilty.

Source: Gage Sidmore

Donald Trump should be the next President of the United States...

You will likely believe these situations never happened.

You may believe that the sexual comments he’s made in the past are ‘locker room talk’ with no basis in reality.


Many athletes spoke out against Donald Trump 

Many athletes have publicly announced that the comments Mr. Trump made were not ‘locker-room banter’ and are inappropriate under any circumstances.  

Lack of Proof! - No one looks credible!

The problem with believing either side is that neither side has any written proof or previously documented statements that we are aware of to show that the incidents may have occurred.

When there is no proof in a sexual harassment or assault case, both sides are left feeling like the victim.

Both are bombarded with accusations attacking their credibility, honesty and who they are as a person.

This is where Forensic Notes can help.

Forensic Notes allows you to document situations of sexual assault and harassment with people in power for Free.

Even though you may not plan or want to make the incidents public now, there may come a time when you do feel that it is in the public’s best interest to speak out about what occurred to you in the past.

This may give you a feeling of protecting others from the emotional or physical pain you had suffered.

Only you can decide when the time is right!

Only you can make the decision on if you want to speak out about your sexual assault or harassment.

This is not a decision that should be made by others as the process of speaking out can be emotionally and mentally draining.

The lack of evidence further compounds these issues resulting in many victims asking…

Why did I go public?

For many victims, they go public because they believe the pain in staying silent is more painful than the potential pain of coming out and helping others.

They begin to recognize, especially with public figures, that their silence could result in others experiencing the same pain they have but on a larger scale.

Yet, the decision to break the silence may be months, years or even decades later.

Speaking out against Sexual Assault is never easy and may not be what you want to do. But wouldn’t you rather know that you’ve documented it properly in a system that timestamps each note?

A system that allows you to PROVE that you wrote the note months, years or even decades earlier?

How credible would you sound if you stated …

At the time I was sexually assaulted, I did not feel strong enough emotionally or mentally to make the situation public. I also didn’t think that anyone would believe me due to how popular and well respected Mr. X was. But, now that Mr. X is about to take a position of power, I feel it's the right thing to do, to ensure others are not hurt by Mr. X.

Although I never spoke to anyone about this, I documented the sexual assault in Forensic Notes 8 years ago, the day after the incident occurred. I can provide you a copy of the Digitally Signed document that can be easily proven to have been written on Oct 23th, 20XX.


J. Smith


Does the above statement sound more credible than attempting to make a verbal statement based off memory. Especially when you consider that the incident may have occurred years ago?

It’s also important to remember, if your claim is tested in court, your memory will be challenged.

If you did jot down notes at the time, their authenticity will also likely be challenged.

The file dates associated with both electronic documents and notes can be falsified easily to show any date from the past.

Neuroscientist’s and Law Courts agree, Memory is Inherently Fallible.
(Source: Neuroscientist Discussion)

This fallibility of memory includes not only the omission of details from the original experience, but extends to errors of commission including the creation of memory illusions

(Source: Criminal Testimony)

Create credible evidence for Free!

Would you feel better knowing that you have the option to provide credible evidence in the future even if you do not want to speak out about the sexual assault now?

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