Human Resource Management

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How To Conduct a Workplace Investigation

  Article Quick Links   Considerations Before You Begin Your Workplace Investigation Legal Considerations are a Priority Workplace Documentation is Critical Employee Privacy and Confidentiality Should be Maintained Employee Rights…


Whistleblower: Employer’s Perspective

Article Quick Links What is Whistleblowing? Whistleblowing Ethics in Business Whistleblowing Policy: USA Laws and Groups Related to Whistleblowing Protection Whistleblower Laws Groups Associated with Whistleblowing Enforcement Whistleblowing Policy: Canada…


EDMS – Moving from Paper System

Forensic Electronic Document Management System (FEDMS) – HR Solution Creating and maintaining the entire host of HR-related documents for all employees can be daunting. After all, you’ve got to maintain…


How to Organize HR Files in an Electronic Document Management System

You’ve decided to make the transition to an electronic document management system! There will be many benefits to switching, but so will the questions you have in regards to how…


Termination for Just Cause

  Stuart Rudner Employment Lawyer & Mediator Rudner Law Listed in “Best Lawyers in Canada” Top Legal Social Media Influencer Author on Employment Law   Do you have an employee…


Documenting Problem Employees

 Like a cancer, he or she insidiously eats away at the fabric of a peaceful workplace and sows poison and discontent among fellow employees, while keeping within the very fringes…


Top 12 Best Practice Guidelines for Recording and Documenting Evidence

  Do you need to: Document something that happened to you? Describe an incident you witnessed? Create incident reports as part of your job? Or… Prove that your documents were…


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