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Ready to Start Documenting Your Investigations?


Day-to-Day Events

1_Starter Plan-01

Billed annually

$79 / year

Single User
*No Team Accounts

No credit card needed

Our Lite Features

Forensic Notes
Digitally signed & timestamped notes

Forensic Notebooks
  Professional & credible documents designed for Court

1GB File storage

500 Timestamps per year


Designed for Criminal & Civil Investigations
Forensic Edition

2_Professional Plan-02

Billed annually


$34 / month

or $45 billed monthly

No credit card needed

All Lite Features Plus

Team Accounts
Invite team members as you grow

Share & Collaborate
Share access to vital documents
with Team Members

Audit Logs
View access and downloads
of all documents

Forensic Witness
Forensically collect images, videos

and documents from Witnesses

Priority Support
Questions answered by experts to
solve your issue quickly.

10GB File Storage per Team Member

Unlimited Timestamps


Our guarantee is simple.
We will give you a Full Refund at any time during the first 57-Days
if you are not 100% satisfied with Forensic Notes.

There’s only ONE condition:
Please let us know why you weren’t happy with the product, so we can make it better.

Professional + Plan

Custom Cloud Setup /
On-Premises Solution

3_Professional+ Plan-03

If interested, please contact us to discuss further.

Custom Options Available, including:

IP Address Restriction
Control IP access to

Data Storage Location
Choose where your data is stored.
(Canada, United States, United Kingdom)

Unique Account Encryption Key
Control your unique Key Encryption Key (KEK)
within Azure Key Vault.

Premium Support
Support when you need it.

On-Premises Custom Solution

Forensic Notes is a Paid Service

– You own your data
– We will never sell your data
– We will never share your data

Data Security is our #1 Priority!

Student Academic Pricing

To get your Educational Institution approved please contact us at:
[email protected]

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